Working with Louise is an experience to remember. Her hands on approach is thorough and tweaked for every individual participant so that everyone leaves with the modifications and ability to improve. Lainey Wilson PE teacher, CF coach, elite masters 35-39 Can West Athlete.

- Lainey Wilson

I’ve been very fortunate to personally work with Louise one on one and through remote programming. I also have attending two advanced gymnastics workshops. This past workshop in June was special because it was at my very own affiliate with my students. Louise is incredible! Her experience and knowledge shines through as she passionately delivers instructions that capture everyone’s attention. Corrections and scaling are based on individuals needs. This allows all levels to participate and benefit towards improving their skills. As a coach I particularly enjoyed attending the level one workshop. Since I was a gymnast when I was young, I easily made the transition into CrossFit but I’ve had a challenge over the years instructing basic concepts. The level one teaches students how to find tension during these moments and Louise offers other positional drills that are instrumental to further develop a skill. Thank you so much for everything! Sincerely, Jolaine Undershute Owner, Head Coach, elite masters 45-49 CF Games athlete.

- Jolaine Undershute

I started CrossFit 9 years ago. I had zero gymnastics experience. We didn't even have monkey bars in the school playground!! I've been so fortunate to make it to the CrossFit Games 7 times. I have won silver, bronze, silver, gold. That gold medal escaped me 6 times and the biggest reason? My gymnastics. It was most clear in 2018 with that 2nd silver medal. Two workouts, both with gymnastics movements, knocked me out of first place. I heard about Louise Eberts from some gym friends and then discovered at the 2018 Games that she coached some other Games athletes. I reached out to her asking about coaching. Louise's expertise was the missing link. Shortly after starting with Louise, I consistently started seeing improvements in all the foundation movements: swinging on the bars and rings, that lead to bar MUs and more consecutive ring MUs than I'd ever done, handstand walking improved, handstand push-ups, C2B and T2B. Everything got better under Louise's guidance. And it was done remotely. In the 2019 Open, I scored in the top 5 in the gymnastics events. I was being told by my gym buddies that I was looking like a gymnast. That says a lot!! With the right programming and coaching everyone can improve their gymnastics skills. Louise Eberts is the person you are looking for.

- Laurie Meschishnick

Louise Eberts - where do I even begin to describe how much we love her, and how well liked and respected she is in the CrossFit community. My husband, Jeremy, has known Louise since 2010.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2012 and instantly admired her energy and personality.  I soon learned how much I would come to respect her as a Coach. When Louise lived in the Okanagan, we had the honour of having her Coach at CrossFit Vernon.  Although regrettably brief, her time with us was incredibly valuable for our athletes - and years later, I STILL reference her coaching cues, constantly. Louise ran a gymnastics night at CFV.  She was always early, engaging in conversation with our athletes.  Once the sessions began, she always held a professional but playful atmosphere to the classes, which always helped because gymnastics is extremely difficult.  Out of all the aspects of CrossFit, I believe it to be the most difficult to learn and to coach.  She created a safe space for us to make small errors, and then directed us to correct them with ease and respect.  In addition to her personality and welcoming coaching atmosphere, Louise understands gymnastics programming and the value of quality training.  I have since adopted ideals from her approach to gymnastics development: focusing on the skill development before volume or intensity.  Mastery of the fundamentals was always her approach; catering the program to the individual athlete. Louise has programmed for me, for four years and has facilitated the development of my skills because she meets me at my level.  She no doubt helped me get to Regionals because gymnastics was always my weak link.  She listens to what I want to work on, she knows my weaknesses and strengths, and she catered the program accordingly. She’s a wonderful human being and a phenomenal gymnastics Coach.

- Deanna Meredith

Louise makes gymnastics extremely fun and easy to learn. She has incredible energy and is a joy to be around. She also has the knowledge and experience with these movements which shows when she teaches. She knows how to help people reach their gymnastics goals and accelerate the process faster than you can imagine. Over the last year we have taken both level 2 & 3 gymnastics classes with Louise. Prior to that we had difficulty with bar and ring muscle ups and handstand walking. We really struggled with the process of breaking down these movements into learnable pieces. After both gymnastics courses with her we achieved proficiency in bar/ring muscle ups and began handstand walking. We were blown away by the progress made in the 4 weeks of her classes. We can’t thank her enough for helping push our gymnastic skills. If you are stuck at a plateau with your gymnastics movements sign up with Louise right away!

- Drew Jamieson

Louise Eberts seminars are the only gymnastics courses I will host at Frontier Performance. Louise brings an extensive knowledge of technical gymnastics and CrossFit to each seminar she hosts. Her seminars not only give her students the technical tools to do well, but provides coaches with the skills to develop their athletes at any level. Louise takes the time to personally answer any questions you may have once the seminars are complete - her dedication to her coaches and athletes is amazing and I have loved working with her.

- Shawn Lukacsy

"Louise is an amazing coach. Her ability to break gymnastics down to an accessible level is unparalleled. She has so many progressions to work with all levels of athletes. It creates a learning environment where everyone can progress, from the absolute beginner to an advanced gymnast. We’ve booked her multiple times to host gymnastics seminars and found her to be knowledgeable, energetic and organized. Her fun loving attitude is addictive and will make you love gymnastics. She empowers all those she works with and if you have the chance to work with her you should take it. She’s a world class coach and an overall great person."

- Christi Barber